Practical Mysticism

with Michael B. Beckwith

Lessons & meditations to live from the divine ideals within.
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Commune’s 7-Day Guided Meditation Summit

15 minutes per day is all it takes to experience the benefits of meditation. Join this course free for 7 days.

Gut Health

with Dr. Mary Pardee

This comprehensive course empowers you to discover the root causes of your symptoms so you can take steps to feel better, every day.

Our four course pillars:


Flourish personally and professionally. Cultivate spirituality, live with contentment, achieve meaningful goals, transform how you show up in life.


Movement and contemplation to show up every day as your best self. Yoga, meditation, breathwork, tapping, physical therapy, relaxing self-care.


Live vibrantly in your body and make nourishing choices. Functional medicine, nutrition, healthy food, and natural beauty from the inside out.


Promote positive change and live lightly on the earth. Mindful leadership, environmental regeneration, civic engagement, community building.
The Summit of Your Life
with 20+ Commune teachers
Commune Meditation Summit
with 15+ Commune teachers
The Spiritual Survival Guide
with 14 Commune teachers
The Wellness Master Class
with Brendon Burchard
with Russell Brand
with Marianne Williamson
Teaching the Teachers
with Marianne Williamson
The Nature of Reality
with Deepak Chopra
Meditations for Life’s Challenges
with Michael B. Beckwith
Bravely You 
with Koya Webb
Help for the Hurting Heart
with David Kessler
Live Fearlessly
with Anita Moorjani
Finding Business Clarity
with Sophia Amoruso
The Desire Map Course
with Danielle LaPorte
Free + Clear
with Danielle LaPorte
Compassionate Resilience
with Sharon Salzberg
The Work
of Byron Katie
The Art of Stopping Time
of Dr. Pedram Shojai
Parenting in a Pandemic
with Dr. Rebecca Branstetter
Every Day is a Poem
with Jacqueline Suskin
Live in a Beautiful State
with Preethaji
Learn to Human Better
with Lauren Handel Zander
Wisdom of the Mystic
with Sadhguru
Stoic Meditations
with Jeff Krasno
Your Next Bold Move
with Brendon Burchard
Practical Mysticism
with Michael B. Beckwith
21-Day Meditation Challenge
with Light Watkins
Abundant Joy
with Scott Schwenk
Ecstatic Breathwork
with Scott Schwenk
Deep Relaxation
with Tracee Stanley
Sound Consciousness
with Mickey Hart & Zakir Hussain 
Tap Away Stress
with Nick Ortner
Tap Into Healing
with Jennifer Partridge
License to Chill
with Jennifer Elliott
Simple Self-Care
with Colleen Saidman Yee
Neutral is Powerful
with Matt Phippen
All at the Wall
with Matt Phippen
The Release
with Mary Beth LaRue
Steady Strength Pilates
with Justine Malick
The 21-Day Yoga Challenge
with Schuyler Grant
Binaural Beats for Elemental Peace
with DJ Taz Rashid
The Path to Presence
with Murray Hidary 
Rewilding Human Movement
with Tony Riddle
Jiu-Jitsu for Self-Defense
with Rener and Ryron Gracie 
The Chill Pill
with Schuyler Grant
Ratio Breathing to Relax & Rebalance
with DJ Taz Rashid
Vinyasa for Life
with Schuyler Grant
Breath, Body, Beats
(a 21-Day Yoga Challenge)
with Schuyler Grant
Back to the Core
with Schuyler Grant
Grounding Into Grace
with Schuyler Grant
Superhero Training
with Schuyler Grant
The Fixx
with Schuyler Grant
Foreplay for Arm Balances
with Schuyler Grant
Kula Flow
with Schuyler Grant & Nikki Vilella
Flow with Intention
with Chelsey Korus
Your Strongest Arm Balance Ever
with Chelsey Korus
The Journey
with Chelsey Korus
Meet Me on the Mountain
with Caley Alyssa
Create Your Own Adventure
with Briohny Smyth
Yoga for Healing & Hope
with Paul Denniston
with Noah Mazé
The Wellest Challenge
with Jacy Cunningham & Mary Beth LaRue
Introduction to Blissology
with Eoin Finn
Break Out of the Addiction Frequency
with Tommy Rosen
with Wanderlust Meditation Teachers
The Studio
with Wanderlust Yoga Teachers
Ignite Your Yoga Practice
with Chelsea Jackson Roberts
Commune's 10-Day Community
Yoga Challenge
with 16 Commune Teachers
The Stress-Free Summit:
Yoga & Meditation for Relaxation
with 15+ Top Teachers & Spiritual Leaders
Commune’s 10-Day Meditation Summit
with 14 Commune Teachers
Guided by Biet:
Breathwork and Meditation
with Biet Simkin
Form & Flow
with Schuyler Grant
Living from the Heart
with Scott Schwenk
The Power of Presence
with Scott Schwenk
Feel Good to Be You
with Clio Manuelian
Mind Like Sky
with Jack Kornfield
Adventures in Spirituality
with davidji
Health Category
Hacking Your Healthcare
with Dr. Mark Hyman
Vital Health
Dr. Zach Bush
The Wim Hof Method
with Wim Hof
Transforming Trauma
with Dr. James S. Gordon
Beauty Inside Out
with Kimberly Snyder
Balance Your Hormones
with Dr. Jolene Brighten
Gut Health
with Dr. Mary Pardee
Good Mood Food
with Jason Wrobel
Sleep Better
with Dr. Michael Breus
Empowered Birth
hosted by Schuyler Grant
Commune Women's Health and
Happiness Summit
with 20+ Commune teachers
Living Well with Ayurveda
with Dr. Siva Mohan
Quick & Easy Plant-Based Meals
with The Happy Pear
5 Keys to Immunity
with Dr. Roger D. Seheult
Impact Category
Healing Conversations
with Justin Michael Williams
Principles of Permaculture
with Quail Springs Permaculture
Political Hope
with Charles Eisenstein
Unwinding Prejudice
with Evelyn Carter
The Plastic-Free Challenge
with Kate Nelson
Redefining Leadership
with Off the Mat, Into the World
Soil is the Climate Solution
with Kiss the Ground's Finian Makepeace
with Paul Hawken
The Power of Showing Up
with Shelly Tygielski
Run for Office
with Julie Oliver
Citizen Power
with Nathalia Ramos and Ben Sheehan
Organize a March
with Emi Guereca
Commune Wellness Summit
with 20+ Commune teachers
Post-Election Self-Care
with 15+ Commune teachers
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