Our mission is to create a global wellness community around the ideas and practices of the world’s greatest teachers.

Practice Old & True

Yoga, meditation, cultivating spirituality, eating locally, composting, cooking mindfully, birthing naturally, dying with dignity, connecting with neighbors and living lightly on the earth. These things are old. These things are true. By rediscovering ideas and practices that are old and true, we can address challenges that are modern and new.

Honor The Teacher

There is no more honorable role than the teacher. Teachers inspire, heal, pass down wisdom, and bring us together. We support their wisdom.

Foster Community

It is easy to see our life’s journey as an individual path, separate from others. But the future of the human condition relies on our ability to connect deeply with each other to solve our most salient problems. Out of many, we are one.
Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to the power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning and purpose to our lives.
- Brene Brown

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