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I have had a lot of jobs: co-founder & CEO of Commune, co-founder and co-CEO of Wanderlust, board member at Pure Edge. I have authored of a couple of books, built a big wellness studio, developed a retreat center, brokered large-scale brand partnerships and created VOD platforms. Oprah even selected me to be part of the SuperSoul 100, a group of 100 top entrepreneurs.

Aside from being a dad to 3 horrible-adorable daughters, there is no job more humbling than hosting the Commune podcast. Every week, I interview people with esoteric expertise who are 10 times smarter than me. My nightstand turned into a tower of books as I cram for these interviews, learning everything from the fundamental nature of reality to the neuro-chemistry of the brain. It’s been an incredible challenge to deliver transformational content every Tuesday (and not embarrass myself). I hope you enjoy it!
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