Surrender to Wim

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When we say honor the teacher, we mean honor their wisdom and experience. The best way to travel a land you’ve never been to before is with the humility of a stranger and that sometimes means relying on directions and trusting the process.

So when Wim Hof stopped by and decided to throw an impromptu “BYOI” party (Bring Your Own Ice), it was an exercise in surrender. Grabbing your friends for an ice bath hasn’t gone fully mainstream and it’s no wonder why. It’s daunting, it’s scary, and it stands in the face of the common wisdom that you spend your life avoiding discomfort instead of actively seeking it out.

So you breathe, you listen, you surrender to the cold instead of your impulses and instincts. You let that thick Dutch accent wash over you as he beat boxes and pontificates, and you give yourself to the newness, the experience, and the space for growth within you. Waiting on the other side for you is the wisdom of expansion, of evolution, of change.


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