Meeting a Neighbor

Returning to our roots means reminding ourselves of our place in the greater puzzle and respecting the role of others. A recent development at the Lab has been a nightly cadence of hoots from two owls. We’d never seen them but their serenade was hard to miss.

But during dinner one night, 9-year-old Micah runs in, “There’s a stuffed animal on the steps, but when you get near it, it moves!”

Sure enough, there was one of the Lab’s more vocal tenants sitting right there on the steps. After some research with the Ojai Raptor Center, we learned that our little friend is a baby Great Horned Owl and that it’s not uncommon for them to climb out of their nests at this age. They suggested to clear the area and wait for the climb back up.

Within 30 minutes our singing sentinel was back in its perch, ready for the nightly chorus.

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