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WeCommune is our private social network where you can connect with fellow seekers who are taking courses with you. WeCommune is a safe space to pose questions, share stories, offer advice, and even organize local meet-ups.
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Dear Communers,
Our world is more polarized than ever before. Though we’re digitally connected, we are suffering from isolation and loneliness which plays out in dramatic ways for our global and local communities. In a world of 7 billion people, we keep missing each other. 

We created Commune as a collective space for us to join together, grow together and contribute meaningfully to solving the world’s problems. Join us on that journey.
- Jeff Krasno, Founder and CEO

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WeCommune is our private online community where you can connect with course participants around the world. Share stories, pose questions, and even organize local meetups.
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The Secrets to Healthy Aging

Dr. Mark Hyman

In this 1-hour master class, Dr. Mark Hyman shares the latest research on what lifestyle strategies can slow or even reverse the biomarkers of aging.

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